Morogoro Weekend

The last weekend in October, a group of GHSP volunteers living in Dar met up with our friends in Dodoma, also GHSP volunteers, for a weekend of adventure before beginning our teaching careers in Tanzania.

Morogoro is halfway between Dar and Dodoma. It is a beautiful and lush mountain town. We stayed at the Simbaweni Lodge, which I would highly recommend. We slept in charming and quintessential bandas, ate all our meals at the lodge, and on Saturday went on a gorgeous hike into the Uluguru Mountains.

It felt good to be out of the city and in the mountains; I have missed hiking more than I realized. There isn’t much space in Dar to (safely) just walk around. And it was good to meet up with friends and drink cold beer together in the evenings and laugh. Some photo highlights from the weekend.









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