Miles and Points Beginner’s Guide

Traveling the world doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether you travel a lot or a little, miles and points can help you travel for less.

I started collecting miles and points after being introduced to the hobby by a friend (and yes, it most definitely is a hobby). It sounded interesting, I like collecting things, and it aligned with Olivia’s and my love for travel. Several years and over two million miles later, I’ve learned a few things along the way that I’d love to share with you.

This is not a comprehensive guide, but that’s the point. There are many websites dedicated to the points and miles hobby and most of them are for enthusiasts like me. But that isn’t most of you. If you’re looking to understand the basics of how miles and points can be leveraged for travel rather than simply used when convenient, check out the four part Just Carrying On – Miles and Points Beginner’s Guide below!