The Plan

If you know Olivia, you know she plans. And we’ve had a long 4 years of residency to plan this adventure. Liv’s pored over weather patterns, flight paths, countless travel blogs, and we’ve come up with the below plan for our travels.

 July 2016-June 2017  GHSP in Tanzania
 Mid-July 2017  Train to Victoria Falls
 Late July  Cape Town, South Africa
 August  Ghana with RHC (our other gig)
 Late August  Morocco/Venice
 September  Portland/Seattle/LA/SD
 October  Japan/Hong Kong/Cambodia
 November  Vietnam/Laos
 December  Thailand/Bali/Singapore
 Late December  Portland, Oregon
 January-Feb 2018  Mexico/Guatemala
 March  Patagonia/Chile
 April  Argentina
 May  Colombia
 June  Home…cause work can’t wait forever