Top 5 Things To Do in Mexico City

Trip: February 2016

Below is our Top 5 Things To Do in Mexico City, Mexico—part of the Just Carrying On – Top 5 Things To Do series. These lists are our favorite activities, eats, and drinks from around the world.

1. Biking down La Reforma 

Like most travelers, we are technically tourists but don’t want to be, always preferring to join in with the throngs of locals. Sunday afternoons on La Reforma provide just that opportunity. Mexico City has an awesome bike share program called ECOBICI bike share. After we overcame the challenge of actually buying cards (there was a roughly 20 minute delay from purchase to activation), we hopped on our bright red bikes to join the walkers, joggers, roller bladders, and strollers that were moving up and down La Reforma on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon. We cruised through the Chapultepec Park, switching out our bikes for new ones before the hour was up to avoid extra charges. We loved this mode of transit so much we took advantage of the 2 other days on our 3 day passes, transporting ourselves around Mexico City’s impressive bike-friendly city.

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2. Hanky Panky Speakeasy

This place will be fantastic to anyone who loves a delicious cocktail and curated vibe. For us, discovering this speakeasy through word of mouth (our waiter at dinner told us about it and called ahead to get us on “the list”, being dropped off on a corner and trying to figure out the entrance, then finally being buzzed through to the back like we were part of the best-kept-secret in CDMX all heightened our anticipation and love of this place. Every detail was was carefully crafted, all the way up to the exit-through-the-beer-fridge ending. It is #somewhereinmexicocity and you should find it, after making a reservation of course. This speakeasy is part of the 21st century after all.

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3. Tacos near Frida Kahlo’s House

It isn’t a question of if tacos make the cut for favorite part of the experience, the question is just which ones? We finally settled on Super Tacos Chupacabros, which we sought out after reading recommendation from the blog Till the Money Runs Out. They were the kind of tacos that make you eat one, then just two more beyond your tipping point—and you don’t even regret it. We apparently ate them so fast we forgot to take a photo so this one is from Frida’s house down the street.

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4. Diego Rivera’s murals at Secretaría de Educación Pública

Always big fans of anything free, we decided to take in Diego Rivera’s murals at the Secretaría de Educación Pública. So much beauty, for free! There are dozens of murals for public viewing that span multiple floors of the government building and represent the prolific work of Mexico’s most well-known muralist. They also offer an opportunity to continue the enchantment of Diego and Frida. We know photos of other people’s photos are not that interesting, so go check it out for yourself!

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5. Mercado Roma 

This mercado was full of so many things I love; succulents hanging on the wall, tastings of mezcal (which it turns out I prefer in a cocktail), delicious curated foods and a beer garden on the roof. It spoke to all of the Portland-meets-Mexico that so effortlessly resonated with us. We had heard about it, but then forgot about it, only to then stumble upon it, and thought we had the best of luck.

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Honorable Mentions

I don’t know that I would recommend traveling to a bakery from elsewhere in the city but if you are anywhere nearby it would be a shame to miss out on the charming Panadería Rosetta cafe serving buttery, flaky croissants fresh out of the oven. I enjoyed one every morning of our vacation. If you have extra time to get out of the city, we headed down to the boats at Xochimilco for a charming afternoon float down the canal, after visiting Frida’s House and said tacos. We never attempted a trip up to Teohituacan due to time but leave a comment below if it would make your own Top 5.

Top 5 Things To Do in Mexico City is part of the Just Carrying On – Top 5 Things To Do series which highlights our best travel recommendations from around the world.

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